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Preview: 2019 Spanish Grand Prix | Racing Point

Preview: 2019 Spanish GP | Racing Point

Lance Stroll:“Baku was a fun race. I was pleased to be back in the points and it was our most competitive weekend of the year so far. The car felt really good in the race and I enjoyed some good battles.
May 07, 2019
2019 Chinese Grand Prix - Sunday | Racing Point

2019 Chinese GP - Sunday | Racing Point

Drivers & team quotes after the race.
Apr 14, 2019
2019 Chinese Grand Prix - Saturday | Racing Point
Apr 13, 2019
2019 Chinese Grand Prix - Friday | Racing Point
Apr 12, 2019
Preview: 2019 Chinese Grand Prix | Racing Point

Preview: 2019 Chinese GP | Racing Point

Lance Stroll:“I not sure what to expect from this weekend in China. I hope we can be more competitive than we were in Bahrain because it’s a different sort of track. There’s a nice flow with some quick corners and it’s fun to drive. It’s a very wide track in places with one of the longest straights of the year. We often see some drag races down to the final hairpin and it is probably the best overtaking opportunity of the lap.
Apr 09, 2019
2019 Mid-Season Testing - Day 2 - Sakhir | Racing Point

2019 Mid-Season Testing - Day 2 - Sakhir | Racing Point

Tom McCullough, Performance Engineering:“Over the last couple of days we have gradually worked our way through a comprehensive job list. The rain yesterday deprived us of track time, but we still managed to collect valuable aero data in the morning with various instrumentation fitted to the RP19. We continued the aero programme today with Lance before moving our focus to performance and tyre work. Track conditions have been much better today – without the sandy and rainy conditions we experienced on Tuesday – and we made the most of the afternoon to run four different tyre compounds with Sergio. We rounded off the test with a series of long runs. The timing of this test has been useful because it’s given us the opportunity to get a better understanding of the new parts we introduced over the last two events and we will put that learning to good use in China.”
Apr 03, 2019